As wedding planners, we see a lot of trends that become very popular as the years pass. There are some simple elegances that weddings have been changing and here at One Last Frog, our wedding planners have come up with their favorite new trend: .

There are so many beautiful ways to dress a table up. In 2017 we are seeing brides opt for the more modern look on the reception tables. Even the rustic brides are adding this geometric centerpiece to their tables which adds a flashy flare to each rustic table.

Whether it’s hexagonal centerpieces, cubes, or high rectangles, geometric centerpieces add a modern flare to any dinner table. One Last Frog event designers particularly love the high rectangle geometric centerpiece; the high centerpiece adds a luxurious feel to each table which we are obsessed with. The geometric centerpieces can have glassed sides or can be empty; when adding succulents it is better to have a full terrarium look and have closed sides with one opening.

For our rustic couples we see the love of turning these geometric centerpieces into terrariums for succulents.


As décor for cocktail hour adding candles in these geometric centerpieces serve as a modern and classy table piece to top off lounge tables. Putting large candles in these geometric terrariums also give a nice flare to any walkway as they give lantern vibes!

Often you see these geometric centerpieces are rimmed with gold, rose gold, silver, etc. which allows for a good way to showcase an accent color without being to flashy. Pairing these centerpieces with greenery is a great accompanying pair. When you have a long garland on the table, putting geometric centerpieces mixed in becomes the equivalent of the most common idea of candle sticks.

CLICK HERE to view our lookbook and see some of the centerpiece designs we have come up with.