Alexis’ Ideal Date






I live for a iconic movie quote! & because today is April 25th and in fact not too hot and not too cold, and I am just wearing a light sweater; I thought it would be perfect to tell you my idea of a good date.

So I am a very simple girl, I would like to think. Kind of. Sometimes. Well it’s really depends the subject. When it comes to dates I think I can go either way. But for the sake of not talking your ears off I’m going to tell you about what I think a really cool and nice and sweet date would be.

I think it would be super cool if I went on a date and it included me not having to dress up and leave the house. If I was able to wear comfy sweats or leggings with a big T-shirt and still have all the “oooooos” and “ahhhhhss” of a crazy romantic day at say a really fancy restaurant, then my day would be made! If you know me you know that I love TV and I love to watch movies and some would say that takes the personable aspect out of a date but I disagree completely. ITS NOT NETFLIX AND CHILL! You watch something of equal interest and you are able to have amazing conversation about it after! 

That’s where we come in! Although my date sounds super simple having a romantic date planner can help you with everything you need to make it perfect. You won’t worry about having to decide how you make the screen in the backyard how you get the projector where to get the movie, and all the extra craziness. A simple day can be extremely (for lack of better words) boring and uneventful, if not done right. Simplicity is harder than luxury! 

There are ways to make a simple date more luxurious. For example, if you did a backyard date you can set up a nice dinner with a private chef and then watch the cozy and comfy movie after.