“Such a Look” with Alexis


So I will be showing you my favorite wedding look and what I would want to look lead from head to toe. Everyone dreams of their wedding day and because we plan, design, and coordinate so many wedding you see so much inspiration. As a wedding planner you get to dream about your big day every single wedding.



So for my engagement ring preferences I really have started to fall in love with the pear-shaped halo diamond ring. I just think it’s something that you don’t see too often and it looks really unique and very cute. The setting of the ring I wouldn’t mind the diamond is going around the band but a simple setting is what I’m looking for. I know it sounds picky but sometimes the halo effect of a ring can be a little overwhelming and take away from the actual main rock. My second choice would be an oval cut diamond engagement ring. I just really want the main diamond to be the center of attention and however much clutter I can eliminate around the ring is best. I wouldn’t mind a platinum color ring but as for my every day jewelry I’m more of a gold/rose gold girl so I think gold or rose gold would complement my every day style.


As for my wedding band I would like a full 360 slim diamond band with the diamonds to go around the whole setting. I think if my engagement ring doesn’t have too much going on this will complement it enough to give me some extra bling on my finger. By “slim” I mean the same size as my band setting for my engagement ring. 



LACE LACE LACE! MERMAID MERMAID MERMAID! Anything lace and anything mermaid is almost always a yes in my book. Lately I’ve become A fan of lace sleeves so that would be very cute depending on the rest of the dress. If the full dress with lace and I would opt for the sleeves but if it just went to about my knees and the full tulle look would pop out I wouldn’t have sleeves. I do want there to be somewhat of a train but it doesn’t have to be so big it’s constricting. I would like if the back was out because it gives it more of a sexy flare. 


The Hollywood wavy. Usually when you see Hollywood waves it’s almost like a sleek retro look but when I have it I want it to be a voluminous version of that. I don’t think I will wear a veil because it might get in the way and distract from my dress and hair. I’ve always wondered if I would ever die my hair blonde for my wedding; because one summer I went blonde and I was really liking it. However I think jet black looks really sleep on me and kind of makes me look a little bit more crisp so I will probably have jet black hair lol. 



I WANT FULL GLAM! Contour. Lashes. Glitter. Well not too much glitter. Lashes. Browns. Bronze-y Colors. I really want my eyes to be the focal point of my face so I don’t think that I would do much of a lip color. Throw a crap ton of hudabeauty lashes on me and call it a day!

Nude or Soft white ombre would be my go to! A very faint, classy design on my ring finger is a thought. In one of the pictures there is like a lace design on one of the hand model’s nails and I love that look!


If you know me you know I’m 100% not a heels type of girl. I dread every moment I have to throw a pair on; unlike my sister who throws a pair of heels on and they are like sneakers to her. With that being said, my ideal wedding shoe would be a really classy, simply elegant, flat. The length of my dress will cover my feet anyways so maybe you will get a glimpse of the front so the shoe is no big deal for me.

All pictures found on Instagram @hudabeauty and on pinterest, non belong to One Last Frog, LLC