Beauty & the Beast Themed Proposal



A real-life Fairy Tale was coined on a Sunday night thanks to One Last Frog! Jon contacted the ladies of One Last Frog in hopes to bring a fairy tale to life. Seven years ago, Jon met Amanda at a book store where it was a part of her work uniform to dress like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Jon said “I knew within the first week of dating her that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Sweet, I know. After getting to know Jon, we learned he wanted nothing more but to make this day the greatest surprise of Amanda’s life. The couple enjoyed reading together as they made frequent visits to Huntington Beach Library and it was very much a reason why they became so close. The proposal took place at Amanda’s childhood bookstore, Camelot Books, in Huntington beach. This location made the proposal so much more valued because it meant something to her; its where her love for books started.

Jon describes Amanda as a #girlboss, which fits the persona of Belle in the movie. In Beauty and the Beast, we witness one of the rare times in Disney movies where the prince gets saved. Jon lets Amanda know that “every single moment I get with you is a present I don’t deserve.” Just a few words he let out before popping the big question! An even cuter detail is that Jon kept the ring box inside of a kaleidoscope box that was the first gift Amanda ever gave him when they started dating, which he calls “the best gift he ever got”, and saved it for seven years to make sure he had it for this very moment!

One Last Frog’s design team lined the romance aisle of Camelot Books with tall vases with fresh white and red roses, babies’-breath, and mini mason jars with tea lights. At the end of the aisle she was surrounded by giant paper roses with a banner that reads “tale as old as time”. One Last Frog also placed a custom replica of the Enchanted Rose as seen in the movie, with a placard that reads “will you be my guest?”.

Amanda said yes! The happy couple enjoyed a moment together and danced in love for about an hour after the question was asked. We congratulate this happy couple and wish them nothing but the best with their future together.