Tips for Proposing on Valentines Day!

A Valentine’s Day proposal? Yes it might be clichéd but it certainly is very romantic and oh so sweet. Trust me, nothing beats you pledging your love for your special someone and asking their hand in marriage on the day of love itself. What could be more romantic?

A ring along with flowers and a message asking “will you be my valentine forever and ever after?”, men she will certainly be swept off her feet and fall in love with you again and harder this time. Give her a fairytale proposal and she’ll remember it and retell the stories to your children in days to come.

Here are some amazing ideas to try when you’re thinking about proposing your love on Valentine’s Day:

          In Front Of A Crowd

If you are certain she’s going to say yes, go ahead and take the risk of proposing her in front of a crowd. Take her to the theater that’s playing a love themed musical (well you’re calling the theatre beforehand to make sure they allow you to propose on stage). When you have the staff’s cooperation, they’ll help you make your proposal memorable and very theatrical. Just make sure you get the tickets well in advance as Valentine’s Day theatres are usually booked full house.

          Recreate Your First Date Or Any Special Moment

Make sure your special someone doesn’t have any plans for Valentine’s. now make all arrangements to recreate your most special moment together or your first date. The same restaurant, the same songs that played on the car, the same clothes! This has to be recreation at its best. Then propose by expressing why you recreated the moment because it was the day you met the person you’d marry or want to spend the rest of your life with! And of course get down on one knee to propose!

          A Boat Cruise

Plan ahead and book the most romantic boat cruise you can find. If there isn’t one nearby, take the chance of driving your loved one there. Then while the boat is sailing and it’s just you two, get down on your knee and propose her. She’ll be blown away with your gesture.

          A Restaurant

Make sure you select a special restaurant with the perfect magical ambiance for your girl. Talk to the restaurant management first so that they know what you have in mind and they can help you do it in the best way. Restaurants are the second most popular places for proposals so the managers are an expert at handling them. they will allocate you a special location or even let your ring be served along your desert plate with Marry Me written on it with chocolate. Just make sure you don’t hide the ring in the food… it might get swollen!

No matter what you plan to do, a Valentine’s Day proposal is extremely romantic on its own. Make the best of it and let your girl know she’s the one you want to be your wife!